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Day Care
Day Care

Looking for a playdate?

Make friends & join activities in your neighborhood

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Upcoming Public Events

Public Events are also open to Non-App Members.  You don't have a Referral Link but would like to join Bubstreet?

Join this event to meet our Community Members 🤗

  • 30 Jun 2024, 3:00 pm – 6:30 pm
    Novotel on Stevens, 28 Stevens Rd, Singapore
    Got some toys, books, clothes or shoes your little ones have outgrown which are too good to throw but you do not know what to do with? Join us on our Preloved Swap where you can 'pass it onwards' to another family to enjoy! LIVE & IN-Person Event hosted by BubSt in collaboration with NMSG
  • 06 Jul 2024, 9:30 am – 10:30 am
    The American Club, 10 Claymore Hill, Singapore 229573
    Your baby or your toddler as your weight , or let your bigger tots sidekick dance along! Get moving with us to 🇺🇸 tunes to celebrate 4th of July!

How the App Works


Register your Bub

Once you've received a "Referral Link", open the app and click our ‘Match Me’ button on our Main Page and answer a few questions to tell us a little about your Bubs (Child)!


(Note: You may refine your Bub’s profile or add more Bubs after joining officially. With more details, you will be able to filter and search for the right Bubs match for you, such as Helper-accompanied playdates!)



Find a Friend or Join an Activity!

Now that you've joined, update your profile to add your Bub's picture and more about them to get the Community to get to know you better.  Then, you can start looking for a friend for your Bub by filtering for that perfect match (Our default view is auto-sorted to show you Friends closest to your registered postcode). Say hi and connect with them!

You can toggle to the Activity tab to also look for a group activity hosted by another member to join & meet people in the Community!

How it Works


Plan Playdates and Activities

Once you've started chatting and made a potential friend, plan a 1 on 1 playdate! Or list an activity that your Bub is doing to crowdsource more Bubs to join in on the fun!

Download the event on your calendar and start having fun!

We hope both the Bub & the Guardian can find life-long friendship!

Buy us a Coffee

The founders are just 3 Mums that are trying to help fellow Parents find nearby children for our children to play with!


As 3 Mums making a personal investment to currently provide this app for free, we would greatly appreciate any form of donations to help keep our app going or just simply buy us a coffee!  Please submit suggestions for future features you'd like to help us improve our app!

We just recently moved in Singapore to a new neighbourhood and was looking for a friend our toddler can play with.  Was super easy to connect & find a friend!


We wanted to find friends interested in doing a playdate with just Dads and we found a great community here!


As a Stay-at-Home-Mum I love the activity feature where we can find other like-minded Parents to socialize with while we adventure out with our Bubs!


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